Hello 2019!


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, Confessions of a Bookaholic! I have been absent from here for about two years now. There’s really no reason other than I haven’t been reading anywhere near as much as I used to. I am maybe lucky now if I finish a book once every 2-3 months. I recently decided to check out my blog and of course it brought back some good memories. (Although I definitely like to think, or at least hope, my writing style has changed/improved.) I have officially decided that I will return to my blog and I will set goals for myself this year with my reading. After some thought, the blog layout and design will remain the same. I will also be posting updates relating to the blog on my Twitter (COABookaholic1) and Instagram (confessionsofabookaholicblog), both which are located in the widgets at the bottom of this page.


What you should plan to see this coming year on my blog: 

– One book review every two weeks (at least)

– Top Ten Tuesday Posts weekly

-*Possible* ARC reviews again

-Hopefully 2-3 book tours this year


I am currently participating in an A-Z challenge in a group I am in on Goodreads and with that being said I am currently on book #1 which I am doing the letter ‘B’ first. I also don’t have any connections anymore to publishers or authors for ARCs so I am hoping as the months progress maybe I can reconnect and get some I am interested in to feature reviews here. I also didn’t participate much in book tours in the past but I would like to try next things this year and will be on the look out and hope to participate in 2-3.


With all of this being said, I am still working 40 hours a week and now going to school full time of top of it for elementary education and know my one course requires some community service hours outside of the classroom. I am hoping I can give myself enough time on some evenings and especially on the weekends to get some reading done and to get  some posts schedule for the upcoming week.


So, welcome back and here is to 2019!


Top Ten Tuesday 10/25/2016

top ten tuesday

Woo hoo, first official book related post since I have been back! I love Top Ten Tuesdays and it could be because I love to make lists but I love also being able to quickly share some of my top ten favorite books pertaining to a certain topic. This Tuesday’s topic is:

Halloween related freebie: ten scary books, favorite horror novels, non-scary books to get you in the Halloween/fall mood, bookish halloween costumes, scariest covers), scary books on my TBR, etc.

So my top ten list is going to be…Top Ten Young Adult Thrillers

*Seriously if you’re looking for some last minute creepy thrillers to get you in the mood for Halloween,  I would recommend any of these.*

1.) Ten by Gretchen McNeil

2.) The Bargaining by Carly Anne West

3.) Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

4.) The Third Twin by C.J. Omololu

5.) The Ruining by Anna Collomore

6.) Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne

7.) The Cellar by Natasha Preston

8.) The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy

9.) The Rules by Nancy Holder

10.) One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards

If you’re looking for more scary/thrillers leave me a comment and I can suggest some more as I had about 20 and had to cut the list in half.

Update From Last Post!

I know I said I would be posting a review with an update tonight. Unfortunately my laptop isn’t cooperating with me and will not load or allow me to edit my review any further than where I am at now. I will get on the desk top tomorrow morning and finish uploading the images and editing the post.

As for the good news, I will have more time now to read and blog as I have officially left my job at the hospital as of yesterday! I was tired of the B.S. they were putting me through and being treated like I was garbage, so I handed in my badge last night. So while it’s good because I will now be happy and no longer miserable and depressed, I also need to start job hunting asap. I plan on flying through a few ARCs I have this next week and posting reviews on all of them. I am so so soooo happy I will now be able to read and blog like I used to! 🙂

Merry (late) Christmas & Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! Hopefully “Santa” brought you everything you wanted this year. My family and I celebrate Christmas and as the holiday gets closer things around here get crazier. Add on finals week a week before Christmas plus work five times a week you get pure chaos. So I apologize greatly for the posts I have missed and skipped out on. I haven’t exactly been reading a lot either due to said finals so there wasn’t really any reviews to be typed. It was worth it though because I did good on my finals and Christmas was really good this year. I am one of those crazy shoppers who goes out Black Friday and practically every weekend afterwards right up until Christmas buying gifts. I may have gone a bit overboard this year but it made Christmas morning that much more fun. “Santa” was pretty good to me as well. I made out with some books, dvds, tv series, clothes, and a few other things. Of course the tv series means that while I have been writing this post I have been writing a sentence then staring at the TV for 5 minutes before writing another sentence to only look back at the TV. Luckily I just finished the seventh season of Degrassi so this post is going much faster now 🙂

Although Christmas has come and gone this weekend and the following week will also be just as crazy so I am unsure of how many posts I will get up but my goal is at least 2. I have a friend’s birthday tomorrow and more Christmas celebrating to do with family on Sunday and then next week is New Years Eve which also means my brother and dads birthday. The only break I’m getting right now is from school, although I definitely wish I was getting one from work as well. Still currently working at the hospital and hating it more than ever. I am thinking with the new year there needs to come a new job that I enjoy…or one with a manager that I least enjoy and who treats their employees with respect. For now though I need a job so I am sticking with it and biting my tongue at times. Also with the new year comes with New Years Resolutions. I have no idea what mine are going to be because they never last through January. I definitely thinking getting more use out of my gym membership will make my list as well as doing well in my spring semester classes. Who knows what else will make the list, but honestly probably not much more.

Once again Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you’re all enjoying this time of year and have a wonderful last week of 2014.

Top Ten Tuesday 11/04/2014

top ten tuesday

I unfortunately missed out on last week’s Top Ten Tuesday which I am upset about because I really liked the topic. This week’s topic, Top Ten Books I Want To Reread, is a good one too because there is so many books that I would love to reread if I had the time. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

1.) The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han – I have read and reread this trilogy countless amounts of times.

2.) Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler – Also have read this book so many times.

3.) Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green

4.) Compulsion by Martina Boone

5.) The Bargaining by Carly Anne West

6.) Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robins

7.) Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

8.) Magnolia by Kristi Cook

9.) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

10.) Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

So that list was super easy to come up with. I know some people cannot or do not reread books but if I absolutely loved the book, I will reread it when I have some free time.

Sorry Sorry Sorry…

So for the past week I have been completely MIA on here and missed out on my Top Ten Tuesday post and have three reviews to type up and schedule. I had orientation for my new job at the hospital on Monday and then they scheduled me Tuesday and Wednesday, so right after class I had to leave to go to work and didn’t get home until around 9pm. As you can imagine I pretty much ate dinner and passed out. Luckily today I have a day off so I am going to get completely caught up because I have no idea what is in store for next week.

I have also been wanting to post this absolutely PERFECT picture I found on an app called iFunny. I know I feel this way many times after finishing a book and I’m sure a lot of you can relate as well.


It’s just too perfect and explains exactly how we all feel when we have a book hangover. I am currently having one while I type this.

So like I said, 3 books all need reviews so be on the lookout for those. I will have one scheduled for tomorrow, the second for Sunday, Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday, and the third for Thursday. By then I am sure I will have another 2 or 3 books needing reviews as well. Please forgive me if there is a day or two more between posts than usual, I am not used to this new schedule yet and am trying desperately to keep up on my class work.

Couldn’t Finish Friday Book Review

book review2

19286527Title & Author: Feuds by Avery Hastings

Publisher/Year: St. Martin’s Griffin/2014

Genre: YA Sci-Fi, YA Romance

Format: Paperback

Source: Around the World ARC Tours

Other Books By Author: Debut YA Novel

Rating: N/A – Couldn’t Finish

What This Book Is About

In this breathless story of impossible love, perfection comes at a deadly cost.

For Davis Morrow, perfection is a daily reality. Like all Priors, Davis has spent her whole life primed to be smarter, stronger, and more graceful than the lowly Imperfects, or “Imps.” A fiercely ambitious ballerina, Davis is only a few weeks away from qualifying for the Olympiads and finally living up to her mother’s legacy when she meets Cole, a mysterious boy who leaves her with more questions each time he disappears.

Davis has no idea that Cole has his own agenda, or that he’s a rising star in the FEUDS, an underground fighting ring where Priors gamble on Imps. Cole has every reason to hate Davis—her father’s campaign hinges on the total segregation of the Imps and Priors—but despite his best efforts, Cole finds himself as drawn to Davis as she is to him.

Then Narxis, a deadly virus, takes its hold–and Davis’s friends start dying. When the Priors refuse to acknowledge the epidemic, Davis has no one to turn to but Cole. Falling in love was never part of their plan, but their love may be the only thing that can save her world…in Avery Hastings’s Feuds.

(Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts on This Book

Well unfortunately today marks my first ever “Couldn’t Finish Friday” post. I was really hoping I never had to do one of these but I couldn’t get very far into Feuds. I have a policy for myself that I have to read at least 50 pages or so before I give up on a book so I continued reading until I just couldn’t anymore. I’m not generally into the young adult sci-fi genre, but I liked the overall summary and thought I would like the book as well. I hate writing negative reviews, but I want/need to be honest. I also don’t want my review to sway anyone’s decision on reading Feuds.

I used to be a dancer so I was really excited that one of the main characters, Davis, was a ballerina. I wish I could have liked her and Cole, but really I couldn’t. There was just so much romance I felt like it was being shoved down my throat. I like when there is some romance in the background between the characters, but I rather read more about more action and thrills. I felt like Feuds could have been amazing and that it could have lived up to more than what it ended up being (if that makes sense). It sounded like an original plot for a young adult dystopian book and I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

Just because it wasn’t for me does not mean it’s also not for you. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who are going to love this book (there are plenty of positive reviews on Goodreads), so if you were considering reading it, go ahead. The worst that can happen is you’ll stop like I did, but I don’t want my review to sway your overall decision of Feuds.

Top Ten Tuesday 10/07/2014

top ten tuesday

So last week I skipped Top Ten Tuesday and posted my monthly wrap up for September instead. I wasn’t into last week’s topic either. This week’s topic is Ten Books for Readers Who Like Character Driven Novels. Characters in a novel can make me love or hate a book, so this is going to be an easy week for me. Not all of these books may be published yet and if they aren’t be on the look out for them because they’re great!

Top Ten Books for Readers Who Like Character Driven Novels

1.) Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

2.) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

3.) Looking for Alaska by John Green

4.) Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

5.) The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver (04/2015)

6.) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (01/2015)

7.) The Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner

8.) Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

9.) The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

10.) The Ruining by Anna Collomore

So there we go 🙂 Sorry there’s no pictures this week. I’m doing this post from my iPad and it gives me a terrible time when I try to upload photos in the post. All of the books on my list have also received a 4 or 5 star rating and are some of my favorites.

The Monster Within Book Blitz!

The Monster Within FINAL banner

TheMonsterWithinfinalcoverFLATcropped (2)


The moment seventeen-year-old Samantha Thompson crawls out of her grave, her second chance at life begins. She died of cancer with her long-time boyfriend, Ethan, by her side—a completely unfair shot at life. But Ethan found a way to bring her back, like he promised he would. Only Sam came back wrong.

She’s now a monster that drains others’ lives to survive. And after she kills, she’s tortured by visions—glimpses into her victims would-have-been futures had she not killed them. Barely able to live with herself and trying to make things right, Sam ends up a pawn in a vicious game of payback within the local coven of witches.

But when the game reveals what Ethan had to do to save Sam, she must make a choice that will change all their lives forever.

Monster Within teaser 2


The car stopped, and Ethan’s hand slipped from mine. I turned to him, blinking against the fluorescent lights of the gas station.

“Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I just needed to get some gas and a few things from the convenience store. There’s no food at the cottage. I thought I’d grab some crackers and soda. Stuff like that. I’ll even see if they have black licorice for you. I know you love it.”

I nodded and started for my seat belt.

“No. You stay.” Ethan opened his door and stepped outside. I let my hair fall across my shoulders, trying to warm myself against the night air. “I’ll be right back.”

The trunk opened, and a moment later, Ethan opened my door, handing me one of his sweatshirts. “Here, you look cold.”

I smiled. “Thanks.” He knew me so well. I watched him walk inside the store and heard the soft click of the car locking again. He wasn’t taking any chances with me. I knew he’d protect me from anything. He’d already protected me from death. He was my every- thing now. I would never see my family or friends again. I had to start over. The thought terrified me, but at least I had Ethan by my side.

I hugged the sweatshirt to my body. I was too tired to actually put it on, and, this way I could breathe in Ethan’s scent while I kept warm. I inhaled deeply at first, and then my breaths became shallow, which was weird considering how tired I felt. I yawned. Exhaustion overwhelmed me. Apparently it took a lot of energy to return from the dead.

I leaned my head on the window, hoping the cool glass would keep me awake, but my head spun, making me dizzy. My arms and legs tingled with the sensation of pins and needles. I felt like I had a million spiders crawling all over me. I threw the sweatshirt off me and onto the floor. My arms were bare. No spiders. But the feeling didn’t go away. I panicked. The walls of the car were caving in on me. The air around me was tight, strangling me.

I searched the convenience store windows for Ethan, but all I saw was a guy in a cowboy hat, and a woman taking her little boy to the bathroom. Where was Ethan? The lightheadedness was getting worse—more intense. My breathing was labored. In a panic, I reached for the door handle. It took me a moment to remember it was locked, but when I finally got it open, I stumbled out of the car into the fresh air. I gulped oxygen into my lungs, hoping it would make me feel better, but it didn’t.

I was suffocating. Life was draining out of me. I collapsed to my knees, skinning them against the pavement. Wheezing, I crawled forward, trying to reach the convenience store door. Trying to reach Ethan. I needed help. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but it felt like I was dying…again.

KH headshot

Author bio:

Kelly Hashway grew up reading R.L. Stein’s Fear Street novels and writing stories of her own, so it was no surprise to her family when she majored in English and later obtained a masters degree in English Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University. After teaching middle school language arts for seven years, Hashway went back to school and focused specifically on writing. She is now the author of three young adult series, one middle grade series, and several picture books. She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Ashelyn Drake. When she isn’t writing, Hashway works as a freelance editor for small presses as well as for her own list of clients. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and volunteering with the PTO. Hashway currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two pets.

Social Media links:

Website: www.kellyhashway.com

Blog: http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kellyhashway

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellyhashway

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KellyHashway

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kellyhashway/

Buy links:

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-monster-within-kelly-hashway/1117263103?ean=9781937053857

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Monster-Within-Kelly-Hashway/dp/1937053857

Book Depository: http://www.bookdepository.com/Monster-within-Kelly-Hashway/9781937053857