Way Back Wednesday: South Beach by Aimee Friedman


Original publication year: 2005

I decided that every other Wednesday I’d do a post called Way Back Wednesday and feature an older book that I really, really loved years ago but haven’t read in a while. Following yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday theme, when looking at all the books on my bookshelf, South Beach matched three of my wishes on my list. First, it’s a trilogy and I have read all three of them and loved them equally as much. (French Kiss and Hollywood Hills) Second, it’s a really good example of when I said I wanted to see more friendship novels. Since that was pretty vague, if you have read this book you should be able to understand a little more what I meant. Third, it’s told in multiple points of view. Also now seeing that it came out in 2005, I feel like I was way too young to be reading this book because if I remember correctly there were some scenes a little too racy for my 11/12 year old self, and now it’s even stranger that I see how old this book was if I was that young when it came out. Anyhow…

In South Beach Alexa and Holly used to be best friends until one day Alexa decided that Holly was no longer cool enough and dropped her as her friend. Years later in high school, Alexa’s spring break plans are a bust after dumping her boyfriend and her best friends have already filled her spot on their trip. Alexa is now stuck back in New Jersey with nothing to do over spring break. Holly just wants a spring break away from her strict parents and knows that her parents won’t let her go away with just anyone, so she calls Alexa up and they make plans to head down to South Beach, Miami, Flordia. Holly is hoping to find a spring fling while having a break away from her parents and Alexa finds the “perfect” guy, only he is not so perfect because he is the one guy she can’t have. Alexa and Holly are about to discover how one encounter can lead to a chance of a lifetime and how to rebuild their friendship when their trust levels are low from the past.


French Kiss, Alexa and Holly travel to Paris over the following spring break, and in Hollywood Hills, they travel to L.A. a week before their high school graduation.


Each book is as amazing as the other as new romances are budding and their friendship is put to the test over and over again. All three books are written in both Holly’s and Alexa’s point of view and although each chapter isn’t labeled with their names, it is very easy to tell the difference between the two as they are very different (but similar) in so many ways.

I will not be posting a Way Back Wednesday next week only because I only have so many older books that I haven’t donated and if I do a post every week they will run out quickly. I am going to try and finish reading a book either tonight or tomorrow afternoon at work so I can have a review up for you guys tomorrow, so fingers crossed.