What I Should Be Doing & What I’m Actually Doing

I figured since I have a ton of free time after class today, I would schedule some posts for next week. Well of course I turned on Netflix while I was typing my first review and season 4 of The Walking Dead has been added. I’ve binged through 4 or 5 episodes by now and am still going. What can I say, I love The Walking Dead 🙂 I will finish the posts over the weekend after I over-binge on TWD.


So far this fall there are so many shows I have been excited for. Of course The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Freak Show make the top of the list, but also making the list is The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Family Guy, Criminal Minds, and NCIS. There’s a few new shows this fall that I have already begun to love, A to Z, How to Get Away with Murder, and Stalker. Hopefully I don’t get too caught up in these shows because I still plan on reading a lot this fall and of course have a crazy amount of assignments as well. I also got a new job the other day at a hospital close by so I will finally have some spending money again which is definitely a good thing.

What fall shows were you excited for to come back? Have you watched any new shows this fall that are pretty good?


I Am A Compulsive Book Shopper

This may be pretty obvious from my previous posts, but the more I think about it the more I realize I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to books. I buy so many at a time that I still have around 30-40 books on my shelves that I have never even opened yet. They will get read eventually, but as soon as I find a few books I want to read, I have to buy them right away. The only credit I will give myself is that 1.) I’m not buying the books just to buy something, 2.) I’m not buying books that I’m never going to read because like I said they will eventually all be read and 3.) I buy 99% of my books used. Only every now and then if there is a book I am waiting for I will preorder it and even then Amazon generally doesn’t charge full price for a new hardcover. I bought 9 more books today at a used book store and am still waiting for 5 more books to come in the mail. I also have 100+ books on a wishlist on Amazon that I’m considering ordering 15 off of the list every week. Do any other reader have this problem? I know I can’t be the only one who buys books like crazy…

Oh and libraries don’t work for me. I’ve used my local one until there was nothing left I wanted to read and then paid for a year membership library card to use at any library in the next county over and have read any books there I was interested in. Plus I also like to reread most of my books so buying 1 for $4 (including shipping) makes more sense to me.