Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all of my followers & visitors today! Happy Holidays to everyone else who may not celebrate Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today with their family and/or friends.

I know I have been M.I.A. the past few months but I’m back. I have a review I’ll be typing and posting after this post is published. I have another I am going to type up and schedule for Monday. I’m officially reading and reviewing again.

I’ve decided to take a break from college for the spring semester as of now, so I will only be working and will have plenty of time to read and review on here again and I am so happy to be back. I was working and going to school both full time in the fall and it not only took up pretty much all of my time, but it was too much and exhausting. As much as I’d love to get college done with, I have to put it on the back burner for now and focus on working full time and paying bills.

Exciting news…I do believe my blog will be 2 years old in January or early February which I cannot believe. When I first made this blog I did because I love to read but I can’t share my feelings on books with my friends because they’re not into it like I am. I never expected it to last this long and for so many people to follow my blog and read the reviews I post. I also never expected to be reading and reviewing advanced reader copies as well as participate in blog tours. While I really wanted to go into a career in the publishing industry, I’m not positive if I still do. Regardless I still love to read and post reviews as well as bring awareness to new books being published and will continue to participate in them as much as possible.

I have a ARC review I am going to be posting shortly after this post so be on the look out for it because I really enjoyed it. I also have another review which is holiday themed that I will be scheduling to be posted on Monday December 28. Shortly after that I will have 2-3 more ARC reviews I will be posting right before and after the new year.




Helloooo everyone! Yes I am still here and reading 🙂 The past month was like a roller coaster rides of ups and downs. I haven’t been posting any reviews because I have quite a few blog tours I am participating on (one which was posted yesterday so go check it out!) and I have been busy reading those books. I also got another new job. Super easy and laid back which has allowed me to get a lot more reading done and my spring semester officially ended last week! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after those finals were over (I know you other college students can agree with me). So along with the blog tour I participated in yesterday, I have another coming up towards the end of this month, May 20th I believe, and a few ARC reviews I will be posting closer to their release dates this summer. I also have a very special review I will be posting of a young adult book that the author had sent me in return for an honest review.

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here and now that most of the books have been finished I will be posting regular reviews and Top Ten Tuesdays again shortly. I have to finish 1 more book for a tour first and then will be moving on to some new books I had recently purchased and am so exciting to begin reading! I’m also ALWAYS open to suggestions. As always though, please keep in mind the genres I read & review before sending a suggestion my way. I read Young Adult books, mostly any genre besides fantasy (will make exceptions for some). You can always leave it in a comment or send an email my way: I also accept authors or publishers who are looking to have an upcoming book reviewed either alone or if you are hosting a book tour. I check my email daily and will get back to you within 24 hours!

Updates! 01/29/2015


Hey everyone! So I know my posts have been a bit far and between lately. I haven’t posted very many reviews or other posts lately and I am extremely sorry about that! I don’t know if I posted about this back in October but I had started working in the nutrition department at one of the hospitals around me. At the time I started working there I also was still taking classes on campus so I had more days off. This semester I only registered for online courses which left my availability at work completely open. I’m not sure why that made them suddenly think I want to work almost everyday as well as work 2-3 double shifts (13 hours) a week. I finally said something about it to my manager because it is just way too much especially now that my online classes are starting on Monday. Because I have been practically living at work these past few weeks, I haven’t had much time to read (or really do anything besides eat, shower and sleep). It sucks but I’m determined to start squeezing in some reading even if it’s only 30 minutes before bed. Hopefully when the next schedule comes out I will be getting more than 1-2 days off a week and can start reading like crazy again.

Good news for all you readers who don’t request ARCs or are unable to get them. In the following months (probably until summer) about 90% of my reviews will be on already published books. That means if a review I write makes you interested in that book, you will be able to purchase it within minutes as opposed to waiting weeks or months for a book to be published. ARCs usually need to be read and reviewed in a timely manner and due to my school schedule and work I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew at the moment. I will still review ARCs here and there (because there are some books I just CANNOT wait to read and have to get my hands on a copy ASAP) but there will be a lot more of a mix than there has been the past month or so.

With all of that being said, I posted a review earlier today, I will have my monthly wrap up ready to go for Saturday and my Top Ten Tuesday post ready to go for Tuesday. I’m currently reading a published book (but only available on the Kindle in the US or for a physical copy from Book Depository) that I received for Christmas and am just now getting around to reading. To this day, Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, has been my most viewed review on my blog and hopefully you will all enjoy my review on her other book, Dangerous Boys, just as much.

September News and Updates


In September I am making a few changes to the appearance of my blog. I always had a Top Ten Tuesday banner (or whatever you’d like to call it), but it really bothered me that I didn’t have on for my book review posts. I found my TTT banner on Google because I am not very artistic or savvy when it comes to computer graphics. Anyways, as you can see I now have a banner made for updates, and I created ones for TTT, Waiting on Wednesday, book reviews, and monthly wrap-ups. I figured out how to make a simple banner using a site online and I’m pleased with them…for now. 🙂 I will be leaving the old banners on my old posts because let’s face it, it would be a total complete pain in the ass if I went back to every post and fixed it. Plus in the future I can look back and see my progress.

The second change to the appearance of my blog is for book review posts. I have been feeling like I have been hitting dead ends lately when writing my reviews. I’ve been comparing my posts to quite a few other blogs I found on Google and I am going to switch mine up a little bit. I really fell in love with the layout of reviews at the blog, The Perpetual Page-Turner. I am going to start adding the publisher, genres, and other books by that author. Most of the rest of my review will be the same like how I acquired the book, the publication date, the summary and then my actual review. I’m hoping if I set it up super clearly like the blog I mentioned earlier, readers will be able to find the book online a lot easier, especially if it hasn’t been published yet.

Now onto the news. So far I have luckily and fortunately have been able to keep up with reading and posting during the school week. So far my five courses I registered for are pretty easy. Three days a week I have Western Civilizations 1 and my professor has totally lost his marbles. On the first day of class he went off on several rants consisting of how gay marriage should be illegal, how Islam is a horrible religion, how aliens told an astronaut to fly in a spaceship to the moon, and several other non-related topics. Now he’s about 75 or so and doesn’t teach from the textbook. Apparently textbooks lie and leave out too much information. I have heard this before but his examples do not justify his choice. During the second week of class after hearing about how aliens, God, demons and angels were all the same thing, too much personal information about his political views, how giants existed and how it’s true because it was on the cover of National Geographic (he failed to look up that the article in fact was a hoax), I finally went to the Dean of Students and complained. They also knew exactly who I was talking about so why they haven’t taken any action in the past, I have no idea. The beginning of this week I brought my iPad with me, sat n my desk, propped it up on it’s stand and started reading. I read through the entire class and didn’t catch more than how mermaids are real but our government is killing them to cover it up and how the Smithsonian Museum has removed exhibits it doesn’t want the public to see and have them dropped in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean never to be found again. Seriously, how does this guy have a job teaching at a college?! And the fact that I am paying hundreds of dollars for a history class where instead I just listen to his crazy rants for 50 minutes, 3 days a week. Luckily he gives us a packet for each section and in the back there is a study guide with all the definitions and he even underlined the exact answer for the test question. I figured I’ll read the packet on my own, study the definitions and pass on my own and never take a class from him again. I’m planning on recording one of his lectures this week and attaching it to my next complaint email to the dean. I’m not quite sure if I’m legally allowed to record him without his permission, but I really don’t give a damn anymore. He’s way too insulting and offensive and really needs to retire. My other professors range from good to great. The classes also always stay on topic which is a plus since I’m spending way too much a semester to not be taught what I’m paying for. College is definitely not what I had ever expected 4 years ago during my senior year of high school.

My first *new* review will be posted on Sunday, September 21. Check it out (loved the book) and let me know if you like the new format or not. 🙂



As you may have been able to tell, I haven’t posted any reviews or posts in general this past week. I left on a last minute vacation Monday afternoon and didn’t come home until Thursday night. I wish I had been able to post this ahead of time, but it was very last minute and since I have been spending my summer doing absolutely nothing, I jumped at the chance to head to the beach with my cousin.

 I know New Jersey is notorious for the MTV show Jersey Shore, but the actual Jersey Shore is not quite as crazy. I live anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours away from the shore (yes we also really call it “the shore” instead of the beach) and am only an hour away from Seaside Heights where the show was filmed. (I have also been there, saw the house and have seen a few of them while filming.) This was also my first summer of being able to go out legally to any bars at the shore so I was excited. While the TV show is based around drama, bars/clubs and partying, in reality yes there are clubs and bars at the shore if the town has a liquor license, but that is definitely not what everyone’s day revolves around. My cousin and I stayed with some family friends at a beach house in Wildwood, New Jersey. We went on the beach during the days and hit the boardwalk most of the nights. The four days I was down there I didn’t even step foot into a bar once.


Anyways, the week was nice and relaxing. It was a struggle to get back to reality Friday and I have been a bit sluggish since then. The next few weeks are already looking crazy. Tomorrow I have to head over to my college bookstore and spend somewhere around $400 on three, yes only THREE, textbooks. (I have to wait until the first day of class to buy the other two, so it will probably end up totaling around $650. Lovely.) Tuesday and Thursday I am babysitting for three children, 6 years, 4 years and 3 months, so I will certainly have my hands full those two days. Over the weekend I have to go shopping for supplies for my friend’s birthday present I am making which needs to be finished by the following weekend. Then after Labor Day classes start up September 3rd. I am going to continue to read as much as I can. I have 4 reviews that I have already typed and are scheduled for this week and have a stack of books that I want to read before September 3rd.

I’m Back !!!

As my last post in April stated, I had to take a break from blogging due to job issues. I am so relieved that those issues are solved, and I have a new job lined up to begin this Friday. Even though I wasn’t blogging, I was definitely still reading and read quite a few really good books since my last post. Since I read too many to review each in their own post, I am going to do one giant post with just a small review for each novel. I also just bought 10 new books and I still have plenty on my shelf that I have not read, as well as a few ARC’s (and I have just requested 18 more so fingers crossed). I will most likely be posting my review post on Wednesday because I definitely want to get back on track with Top Ten Tuesdays, so be on the look out for both of those posts. Again I am so happy to be back, it was tough not sharing my reviews these past few weeks.

April Hiatus

I am upset to be writing this, but I feel like it is the best choice for me to do right now. I am taking a break from blogging for about a month. I am currently looking for a new job which is taking up a lot more of my time than I had originally intended. On top of all of that I have also taken up the responsibility of cooking dinner every night for my whole family. I am trying to eat healthy and cut out a lot of calories and fat from my diet. I don’t have as much time to read and definitely not enough time to blog. I am praying and hoping I get a job offer soon so I can at least have more time to read. I have finished 5 books between the end of March and so far in April, but I am staying up until 1-2am in the morning to get reading in and then I end up sleeping in way later than I would like. So, unfortunately for the month of April and even possibly a few weeks into May, I will not be posting anything. I am hoping that at least by the beginning of May I can get back on track since I have a stack of books waiting forntheir reviews to be posted.

Broke My Promise..

I know I posted a few weeks ago that I was going to stay on top of posting reviews and Top Ten Tuesdays, and honestly I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, things come up that are unexpected and throw me off. I am unfortunetly looking for another job and am very persistent with searching for openings and applying to them. Work right now is so stressful. I am a nanny for up to 4 kids a day all under 10 years old, so you can probably imagine how crazy my days can be. Most nights I go right now, spend time with my puppy, eat dinner and go to bed. I am also looking at going back to school starting in the summer so I have been doing a lot of research at different colleges and looking into the classes I need to take. Lastly, this is the worst, but I am newly 21. I can’t help it but I love being able to go to a bar or the casino with my friends now, of course without going overboard. I would love to get a review up on the weekend, but sometimes it is impossible because if I’m not out with my friends, I’m usually doing something with my family. I know I promised to keep up with my schedule, but since I broke that promise and I absolutely hate breaking my promises, I am just going to try my hardest to keep up and get at least 2 reviews posted a week. I know I also missed the end of February, but tomorrow before I post a review, I am going to post February’s monthly wrap up. Why? Because the good news is, I read a ton of books in February..bad news, about 75% of them weren’t that great. I’d still like to post a list of all the titles I have read, and post the titles of new books I’ve bought, ect. So..with tomorrow being a snow day, I have no excuse not to get some posts up tomorrow.

I Need to Apologize for…

totally and completely slacking off this week. This week has been a mixture of being lazy and just chaos. As much as I love Top Ten Tuesdays, I wasn’t so thrilled with the topic for the week, Top Ten Books That Make You Swoon. I love a cute love story, but most of the YA “love” stories aren’t exactly swoon worthy and I could really only think of about 4-5 books to put on the list and I didn’t want to put a half-assed list up.

Wednesday, I was too busy trying to finish a bad book that I was too lazy to post a Waiting on Wednesday. If I start reading a book, I always have to finish it no matter how bad it may be. Even worse, it was the final book in a series, so I was desperate to finish it and move on to a better book, which I did. Check out my latest review, Ten by Gretchen McNeil. Thank goodness for that book to put my back in a better mood.

Thursday I really should have posted my review on Ten, but I got a horrible night’s sleep that night. We were expecting a huge snow storm and I was hoping it would result in having off from work, so I guess my brain was on overdrive and I woke up checking my phone every hour, so Thursday I slept in, relaxed, and did some shoveling.

I knew in advance that there would be no way I’d get any post done on Friday. I was up at 6:30am, worked 8:30am-6pm off of 3.5 hours of sleep. When I got home I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my parents and dogs (and my one dogs’s birthday) and went to sleep pretty early.

So today I not only felt like I owed everyone a review, I knew I owed a review. This week should be much better. I know in advance that I will probably not get a chance to post a review Monday, but if I can I will. I felt like I owed everyone an explanation as to the lack of posts this week, but I promise I will be back on track this week.

Update on My Book Review Posts

Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have not posted a book review in a few days, but I have two reviews waiting to go up and are already written and scheduled to be posted this week. I went out this weekend and got myself this awesome little notebook called The Book Lover’s Journal at Barnes and Noble (along with 8 books) and I am just in love with it. They have room for you to write about the books you’ve read, as well as some other sections towards the back that I have not used yet. It has kept me organized and has given me a place to write my thoughts about the past few books I’ve finished and haven’t had a chance to blog about yet. With that being said, I am going to change the format of my reviews a little bit.

I will be giving them a rating out of 5 stars, if it is 4 or 5 stars I will definitely post a review on that book. If the book only gets a 1 or 2 star rating then I will not being posting a review on the book but at the end of every month I will do a re-cap and post all of the titles. If I pick 3 stars, I will choose if I want to write the review or not and if I don’t I will post the titles at the end of the month. I’m only doing this because I go through so many books a month and only have so many days where I can post reviews, and I rather rave about the great and amazing books I’ve finished than dwell on the less amazing ones. In addition to including the rating of the overall book, I am going to also post the genre(s) of the book.

I am excited to have all these posts come up in the next few days as both books were very enjoyable and one of them has definitely made my top favorite books ever list.