Update From Last Post!

I know I said I would be posting a review with an update tonight. Unfortunately my laptop isn’t cooperating with me and will not load or allow me to edit my review any further than where I am at now. I will get on the desk top tomorrow morning and finish uploading the images and editing the post.

As for the good news, I will have more time now to read and blog as I have officially left my job at the hospital as of yesterday! I was tired of the B.S. they were putting me through and being treated like I was garbage, so I handed in my badge last night. So while it’s good because I will now be happy and no longer miserable and depressed, I also need to start job hunting asap. I plan on flying through a few ARCs I have this next week and posting reviews on all of them. I am so so soooo happy I will now be able to read and blog like I used to! 🙂


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