Merry (late) Christmas & Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! Hopefully “Santa” brought you everything you wanted this year. My family and I celebrate Christmas and as the holiday gets closer things around here get crazier. Add on finals week a week before Christmas plus work five times a week you get pure chaos. So I apologize greatly for the posts I have missed and skipped out on. I haven’t exactly been reading a lot either due to said finals so there wasn’t really any reviews to be typed. It was worth it though because I did good on my finals and Christmas was really good this year. I am one of those crazy shoppers who goes out Black Friday and practically every weekend afterwards right up until Christmas buying gifts. I may have gone a bit overboard this year but it made Christmas morning that much more fun. “Santa” was pretty good to me as well. I made out with some books, dvds, tv series, clothes, and a few other things. Of course the tv series means that while I have been writing this post I have been writing a sentence then staring at the TV for 5 minutes before writing another sentence to only look back at the TV. Luckily I just finished the seventh season of Degrassi so this post is going much faster now 🙂

Although Christmas has come and gone this weekend and the following week will also be just as crazy so I am unsure of how many posts I will get up but my goal is at least 2. I have a friend’s birthday tomorrow and more Christmas celebrating to do with family on Sunday and then next week is New Years Eve which also means my brother and dads birthday. The only break I’m getting right now is from school, although I definitely wish I was getting one from work as well. Still currently working at the hospital and hating it more than ever. I am thinking with the new year there needs to come a new job that I enjoy…or one with a manager that I least enjoy and who treats their employees with respect. For now though I need a job so I am sticking with it and biting my tongue at times. Also with the new year comes with New Years Resolutions. I have no idea what mine are going to be because they never last through January. I definitely thinking getting more use out of my gym membership will make my list as well as doing well in my spring semester classes. Who knows what else will make the list, but honestly probably not much more.

Once again Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you’re all enjoying this time of year and have a wonderful last week of 2014.


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