I’m Back! :)

So I know a couple months back I published a post explaining my previous and future absence to my blog. I honestly didn’t think I’d be back on here so soon (possibly even ever) as life has a way of staying crazy. Well, even though I’m working full time and attending college full time I have surprisingly found a lot of time to read lately. I’ve finished probably 8-10 books within the past month and I am so happy I have found the time for reading again. I now also want to start posting reviews again as I have read some really great books from all ends of the young adult genres. I’m currently reading Three Dark Crowns, which will most likely be the first review I post. From there I will plan out the rest, warning now there’s a good amount of thrillers though as I was in the mood for some creepy books during the month of October.

As for my previous post, my other blog came and went in one post. I never got the chance to log on and post anything. I wanted to start a blog that I could write about books, movies, trips/travel, make up and pretty much anything and everything but unfortunately it just didn’t work out.  Even though this blog is dedicated to posting book reviews and other book related topics, I may have a post here and there about other things as well.

I’m so happy to be back, and thank you to everyone who is still following me (almost 3 years later now!). Keep your eyes open for some new posts. 🙂


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