Long Time No Post

Hey everyone who is still following me after months of not posting lol, I thank you for that. I have logged back in to do two things.  1.) Explain my 3.5 month absence and 2.) Bring some exciting news (please stick around for that part of the post).

So basically life took over as it usually does. I got a new job in March, trained for a week, left for spring break and then jumped into my new job when I returned. Since then I have been working full time and during the spring I was still finishing 2 courses for school. Basically I have been lucky enough to finish 4-5 books since March. The spring semester finished, I still was working full time but the nights got warmer and longer and I didn’t spend the time I used to reading. It sucks and I still love to read as much as I did before but I’ve also been basking in the warm weather and sun when given the chance. I don’t know if I will eventually return to blogging on this site, I hope one day that I am able to but at the current moment, I’m just lacking the time needed to read and post reviews regularly.

Now onto the exciting news…I have started a new blog. I’ll refer to it as my “everything blog”. It’s called Lifestyle of A Twenty Something and is right here on WordPress. I know you may be wondering how could I have time for a new blog when I can’t even post on here. Well my new blog is going to include so, so, sooo much more than book reviews. See what I am lacking now for this blog is the time to read books in an efficient time to post reviews regularly. My new blog may touch on a book review here and there as I finish but I’ll be basically blogging about my everyday life from trips to movies to school. That is why I basically started a new blog, because I want to blog about life and everything fun and exciting going on. I felt like I couldn’t do that here because I had dedicated this blog specifically to reviewing books. So if you’ve enjoyed following me on here, I welcome you to go follow my new blog 🙂


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