Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

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19732381Title & Author: Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

Publisher/Year: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books/2014

Genres: YA Mystery, YA Thriller, YA Romance, YA Contemporary

Format: Paperback (U.K. version)

Source: Book Depository

Other Books By Author: Dangerous Girls (My Review)

Rating: 4hearts

What This Book Is About

It all comes down to this. Oliver, Ethan, and I. Three teens venture into an abandoned lake house one night. Hours later, only two emerge from the burning wreckage. Chloe drags one Reznick brother to safety, unconscious and bleeding. The other is left to burn, dead in the fire. But which brother survives? And is his death a tragic accident? Desperate self-defense? Or murder …? Chloe is the only one with the answers. As the fire rages, and police and parents demand the truth, she struggles to piece the story together – a story of jealousy, twisted passion and the darkness that lurks behind even the most beautiful faces …

(Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts on This Book

Dangerous Girls was one of my favorite books last year and my most popular/viewed review to date on my blog. I was beyond excited to see that Abigail Haas had another young adult book coming out. Because I live in the US the only format available was the Kindle version and I’m not a big fan of electronic readers. I finally received a copy for Christmas and was super excited but unfortunately I had quite a few review copies I had to read before starting any “personal” books. As soon as those review copies were done, Dangerous Boys was the first book I read.

It didn’t even take me 2 days to finish it I was so sucked in. The same page turning thrills and mystery that was present in Dangerous Girls, Abigail Haas brought back in Dangerous Boys. I had no idea what was going to happen next, much less which brother survives. I loved that each chapter switched from different times, Then, Now, and The End just like her previous book. I also loved that the ending had my mouth hanging open with shock.

Without giving too much away, it is safe to say I definitely enjoyed one brother more than the other. They were the one I was rooting for throughout the entire book. The main character Chloe however had her moments where I liked her and many where I wanted to smack some sense into her. She at times could be a, excuse my language, complete bitch, but that definitely brought something more to the storyline and developed her character a lot.

With the amount of anticipation, hopes and expectations I had for Dangerous Boys before I began reading it, I am so happy to say that it definitely delivered. With just two young adult thrillers, Abigail Haas has become one of my favorites when it comes to this genre. I have yet to be disappointed (along with her other books) with her thrillers and am not only hoping but praying and looking forward to another mystery/thriller from her.

If you LOVED Dangerous Girls I would highly recommend you head over to Book Depository (or Amazon if you’re into eBooks) and get yourself a copy. If you have not read Dangerous Girls and you are someone who enjoys YA fiction, then you reallyyyy need to check it out. It was absolutely amazing and completely shocking.


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