The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan

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Title & Author: The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan

Publisher/Year: Andersen/2008

Genres: YA Thriller, YA Horror

Format: Paperback

Source: Book Depository (Christmas gift)

Other Books By Author: Only book by author

Rating: 3hearts

What This Book Is About

Sam knows that he and his friend Lloyd made a colossal mistake when they accepted the ride home. They have ended up in a dark mansion in the middle of nowhere with a man who means to harm them. But Sam doesn’t know how to get them out. They were trapped, then separated. Now they are alone. Will either of them get out alive? This gripping and hypnotic thriller will have you reading late into the night.

(Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts on This Book

I was expecting The Long Weekend to be a lot longer than 180 pages so that was kind of a disappointment from the start. I also thought the two main characters were going to be older than 11 years old so when I found that out in the beginning, I felt like I was reading a book aimed towards middle schoolers. While the book itself wasn’t awful, it didn’t pack the thrill in it that most young adult thrillers do. I was a bit surprised by the sexual abuse/rape that happened in the book considering the young ages of the children in the book.

I didn’t really like Sam or Lloyd in the beginning and the fact that they both get into a car with a stranger just made me dislike them even more. Once they get to the mansion though Sam redeems himself. Sam was definitely the rational and driven one out of the two friends. He made all the smart decisions that got them to where they ended when the book was over. Lloyd on the other hand was almost comatose but then again it was understandable why considering what had happened.

During the parts after the boys escaped outside and were hiding, those parts were pretty intense. I had no idea if the man was going to find them or if they would get out or not. At the very end where the book jumps years ahead into the future, I was a little confused as to what happened to Lloyd at first before it was clarified later in the chapter. I definitely had the wrong idea at first and had to reread that last chapter to full understand what happened.

After reading The Long Weekend I’d recommend it to middle schoolers aged 11 and older. Maturity is definitely something the younger kids reading this would need and some might not even full get what is going on either. It’s not something I would recommend to people my age, in their late teens, or anyone who is strictly interested in young adult books.


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