I Don’t Know About You…

But I’m feeling 22!

Yay so today marks my 22nd birthday and even though that’s young I feel so old. I remember my elementary and middle school birthdays like it was yesterday. Bowling, roller skating or sleepover parties were the coolest thing back then to do on your birthday. Now, I just get a group of friends and hit up the bars in Philadelphia. Unfortunately I did no celebrate my birthday last night because I have work today from 6:30am-3pm (I typed this and scheduled it last night) and I learned the hard way before to never come to work with a hangover. I’m planning on going out this coming weekend because I requested off and I better get it or I’ll be pretty pissed.


I can’t promise any reviews will be posted over the following weekend (December 13-14) because I will celebrating all day Saturday into Sunday and then recovering Sunday afternoon. (I mean you only turn 22 once lol.) This year is definitely not as exciting as turning 21 and gambling and drinking finally being legal but I still plan to make the most of it. I also plan to be completely sick and tired of Taylor Swift’s song 22 because it will be the theme song to the night. So because I get to listen and sing it constantly here it is for you too…


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