Welcome to My Blog – Updated Version 07/14

I can’t believe I have been blogging on here for a little over six months now. On my last blog I didn’t even last one month and now to be at over 50 posts and just past my six month mark I am so happy as well as excited to see where this goes. I was worried about blogging at first before I was nervous if my posts wouldn’t be any good or if I’d get negative comments, but so far I’ve learned that as long as I’m reading what makes me happy and what I enjoy and writing whatever I feel like about them, then I’m doing what I intended when I started this blog. So since I have changed in the past six months both as a blogger and person, I figured I’d do an updated “Welcome to My Blog” post rather than go back to the original and change everything. This way when I hit a year mark I can go back to that very first post and see how much things have changed and compare my posts from then to now.

I’m still 21 years old and my taste in what I buy and read hasn’t changed much. I still love and am addicted to young adult fiction, but I have been adding some sci-fi books into the mix. Lately, I have been more into trying to find young adult thrillers and “scary” types of books. After reading Ten by Gretchen McNeil, I have yet to find a book that comes close to it.

I have definitely cut back on how many books I buy since when I first began this blog. I do have a good amount of books that I haven’t even opened yet and until I read 75% of them, I won’t be doing any large book hauls. I still am buying books as they are published and have a lot I was looking forward to coming out in the spring and summer, but think I will rent as many as I can from the library and if I really like them I will buy them once they are released in paperback. As of now I also have more books than I have room for so I have also been banned from buying large quantities of books anytime soon.

When I began this blog I wasn’t enrolled in college at the time and was taking some time off. The year before I was an Elementary Education major, but being a nanny totally ruined my experiences. I just registered for my fall classes this year earlier in the week and am really excited for the new semester to begin so I can get back to work on earning my diploma. I’ve decided that since I love to read so much I would like to make a career of it once I graduated. I’m currently (this is going to sound confusing) a Public Relations/Advertising major, which is a track in the colleges Communications major. Basically I will be taking communication and marketing courses along with my general studies. Once I graduate I am interested in working at a children’s publishing company. This semester I am set up to take five courses, so fingers crossed all goes well. I am also planning on joining the campus newspaper along with the dance club. (I was a dancer for 15 years, 8 of which I did competitive dancing like what is shown on Dance Moms.) This summer I am taking a free course that is on Thursdays starting July 10th until August 7th, to become a volunteer tutor at my county’s library. I am planning on choosing elementary reading and hopefully since I enjoy it so much I can help some young students who are struggling and help them learn to love it as well.

So that is pretty much it on the update. It feels strange that so much has changed in only six months and I guess I never realized before because I was never documenting things in such a way as I am now. I plan to continue blogging on my site for as long as possible. Basically I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon, even when classes begin. Worse comes to worse I will have to take a small break or cut back on only posting on review and Top Ten Tuesday every week, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog so far, shared it, commented and read my posts. It means a lot and has definitely helped me gain more confidence when it comes to posting reviews and other topics on here. It’s also great to know that I have so much in common with other YA readers out there, so thank you again and you have no idea how much it all means to me. 🙂


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