March Monthly Wrap Up

Let me start off by saying that March has definitely not been the best blogging month or the most relaxed month by far. Since I didn’t do much blogging, I imagine this wrap up will be simple and short.

April may or may not be a great month as well. I gave my notice a week ago and am now left with 7.5 weeks to find a new job. Easier said than done, but I am going to be optimistic and keep my fingers crossed. So, depending on the job search, I may or may not be able to stay on top of  my blog but I am hoping I will.

So, books I read this March:

-Panic by Sharon M. Draper (posted a review in the beginning of the month)

-Harmless by Dana Reinhardt – 2 Stars

-Claiming Georgia Tate by Gigi Amateau – 3 Stars

-The Ruining by Anna Colomore (Posting my review on The Ruining tomorrow)

I also read a Hailey Abbott book, but cannot remember the title as of now, but I did enjoy it.


I cut back from buying any more books until I can finish a majority of the ones I have. There are a few I will be purchasing this month when they come out though, but they will go in the back of the line.

Like I said, I hope April can be different and I will try my best considering the one very important task I have this month is getting a new job.


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