Why I Hate Loaning My Books

Theres constantly a popular book that comes out and it seems like everyone and their neighbor is reading it. Since I am so big on reading, my friends and even family members know that they can usually come to me to borrow a book, and I feel like I can’t say no. Loaning my books to friends and family wouldn’t bother me if I actually got them back within a reasonable amount of time, but I feel like I never get them back until I am texting them everyday asking if I can come by and grab my book.

I have loaned out my copy of Fifty Shades of Gray, which I did not buy myself, my mom spent her money on it and my best friend has had it for over a year now and has no idea where it is. Honestly, this wouldn’t bother me just because I don’t really care if I have a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray, but since my mom bought it, it bothers me a lot more.

I also have loaned out all of my Hunger Games books and was like, “eh whatever, I have read them all and won’t want to read them again for a while”…well I was wrong. I loaned them to a family member who doesn’t live close enough for me to go grab them or for them to drop them off and after getting my copy of Catching Fire at midnight on the 7th, I now realize how much I am dying to reread them. I am actually considering buying them all tomorrow after work because I am very impatient.

I’m definitely going to start saying no, and I don’t really care if they take offense to it anymore. Or I’ll tell them I want it back within a week. Hey, if I can finish that book in a few hours to a day, you can certainly get it done in a week.

Anyways, that is all my ranting for today. I just had to get it out somewhere because it’s been bothering me for a week now. I’m going to trying to talk myself out of book shopping tomorrow but we’ll see how that goes.


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