Double Book Review

Panic by Sharon M. Draper




Claiming Georgia Tate by Gigi Amateau



The reason I am reviewing these two novels together in this post are because they both deal with generally the same topics and those topics are tough ones. While looking at the covers of these two books, they maybe look boring and may not grab your attention right away, but they are far from boring.

In Panic, Diamond is a ballet student who runs into a handsome, older man at the mall who offers her a chance to audition for a part in a movie with two other big time Hollywood stars. She leaves with him and is soon doing things unimaginable.

In Claiming Georgia Tate, Georgia Tate lives with her grandparents until her grandmother dies suddenly. Her grandfather sends her to live with her father, but her grandfather doesn’t know the truth about her dad.

Both novels deal with mature, tough topics such as rape, abuse, kidnapping, and explotation of a minor.

Panic is a book that every girl, aged 12 and older should read. It is so terrifyingly realistic and has probably actually happened before. What young girl wouldn’t want a chance to be a movie star? Another character in the book is dealing with her own issues and it shows the consequences of staying in an abusive relationship and sexting. It is nicely written, the story is told in four different point of views which is not confusing at all, and has a storyline most girls could learn a lesson from. Panic is a quick, easy read that grabs your attention from the start and has the ability to make you feel a mixture of emotions.

Claiming Georgia Tate is a book that really makes you emotional. Not in the boo hoo crying way. You will feel so much hatred towards her father and at times get pretty annoyed with her grandparents as well. It was also a quick, easy read that pulled you in from page one. The ending kind of left a lot of things open, which I wish there had been more closure to the story. The main character would also have a flash back in the middle of some chapters and there was no indication that she was looking back into experiences from the past and that did sometimes get confusing.

Both books were great and took two days to finish. I would recommend them to girls to read, especially if you are going through any similar problems because it will show you that you can do something about it, you shouldn’t be afraid to get help, and you can survive it.


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