Hello February!

This past week I have really been slacking off after my post on Tuesday. I’ve since finished two books, only one am I going to be posting a review of. I think with the start of this new month, I am going to get more organized with a schedule and a journal. Since I can’t always post a review right after finishing the book, I’m thinking if I get a notebook and at least write a hand written review, I won’t leave anything out of the review. With that being said, I am also going to come up with a schedule of daily posts that will be:

Monday: Book Review, Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday, Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday, Thursday: Book Review, Friday: No Posts, Saturday/Sunday: Possible Book Review

Hopefully with a schedule I will stay on track and do my posts when I need too. Unfortunately, some weekends are more crazy than others so I may not get around to posting anything from Friday-Sunday. So fingers crossed that February will run smoothly because I have a lot of books to read and review, and only more being delievered. So with that being said here is my January wrap up..

I began my blog at the beginning of January and was very nervous about starting one, but it is way easier to stay on top of it than I had expected. I’ve posted 15 posts just in January, gained 20 followers and have had 121 views. Although those are small numbers, it is way more than I had been expecting and I hope that as this month progesses, those numbers only go up. I’ve gotten my hands on quite a few advanced readers copies, which was very exciting, and joined a younger adult book club in my area. And finally, my one review of an ARC was seen and commented on by the author herself! So overall, being that my blog is almost a month old, I think it’s done pretty well and I am going to continue to strive to make it the best it can be. Thank you to everyone who has viewed, commented, and followed my blog this past month.


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