Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young

The reason I chose to read this book before all the other books that were delievered before it was because I really wanted to know what choice Caroline was going to make. Once I got past the first few chapters, I fell in love. I was immediately sucked in and it was instantly so much better than I had been expecting.

Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young



Caroline and her grandmother are very close, and like the rest of her family, she has been at her grandmother’s side at the hospital since she had the stroke. When learning that her grandmother is fatally ill, all Caroline wants to do is escape reality. When her best friend offers her a chance to go to a party Friday, caroline thinks that maybe that is exactly what she needs to clear her head for a few hours. But, with her grandmother’s sickness getting worse, Caroline needs to decide if she will stay by her grandmother’s side and pass on the party, or take a chance and get away for a few hours. Her choice could put her down one of two paths, and she is about to live both.

So when reading the summary, the only thing I really wanted to know was will she go to the party or will she stay at the hospital. I was thinking the authors would make one choice and I’d be left thinking, “well what would have happened if she went the other way?”. Well, the authors let you see her future with both choices. The chapters go back and forth, stay and go. I loved that they chose to show the reader both sides so I wasn’t continuously wondering what would have happened if she made a different choice. I loved the characters, the bonds between the characters, especially between Caroline and her grandmother, and the new budding relationships that were portrayed, whether they were between family members or new love relationships. I also loved the ending, how in the end both decisions came together in the very end. It sounds confusing, but I can’t say too much without giving it away. I also love how when I was reading the book I was asking myself what decision would I have made if I were in Caroline’s place and I loved some parts more than others in the “stay” decision, and same goes for the “go” decision, which made it so hard to choose which side I liked more. I absolutely loved Just Like Fate and will definitely reread it in the future.


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