Top Ten Tuesday 01/28/2014


Yay! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday again and I absolutely LOVE the topic The Broke and the Bookish made this week. I have been waiting until the clock turns to midnight so without further ado…This week’s topic is…

Top Ten Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In / Characters I’d Never Want to Trade Places With

So without rambling on any further here is my top ten list:

1.) This will probably be the most popular one today but Katniss Everdeen/Panem. Yes some people think The Hunger Games is so overrated now, but I would not want to have to fight til the death in the annual hunger games, I would not want to be a target for the other tributes, and I certainly would not like to live through the first to only have to go through it again for the quarter quell. I’m not sure anyone would so that is why Katniss and Panem (because they seem to go hand in hand) makes the first on my list.

2.) Assuming worlds can also mean the futuristic world, Monument 14 takes the number 2 spot. My anxiety is horrible and I have witnessed an earthquake before and actually got so worked up, I got sick to my stomach. I wouldn’t want to deal with a massive hail storm, earthquake, and a chemical weapon spill all within a week, in addition to not knowing if my parents were safe or not. I am also blood type O, which means one deep breath of the polluted air and I would turn into a raging monster out to kill. Not exactly my idea of fun.

3.) Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily from the Pretty Little Liars series are four girls who I would never ever want to trade places with. They are tormented, the people they love the most are injured or killed, and they have a psychopath stalking them every second of the day. I think if I were them I’d change my name and move to Canada, but knowing Ali, she’d probably still find them. I wouldn’t be able to take looking over my shoulder every second of the day to wonder if she is watching me or not..I’d go crazy, and the guilt I’d live with for the rest of my life if someone I love was targeted and then hurt or killed because of me would be unbearable. Thank goodness those four girls are fictional and don’t have to put up with all of that in the real world.

4.) This is probably a character that is not widely known, but it doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t want to be her and that is Gemma from Stolen by Lucy Christopher. This book was so intense. First she is abducted and her abductor expects her to love him even though he has taken her away from her life. Second, no matter how far she runs or how badly she tries to escape, she can’t. She is stuck in the middle of the dessert and would die from the heat and dehydration before she could make it to any town. I get the chills just thinking about being in her place because I honestly have no idea how I’d deal with it.

5.) Another character not widely known, but an absolutely amazing book and one of my favorites, The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard. I would not want to trade places with Colt (even if he’s a boy and I’m a girl). Having a secret love for a year with Julia and then she dies. I’d be pissed if I were him. Because the relationship was a secret and she was in a completely different social circle, Colt couldn’t publicly show his emotions over the incident and then on top of that, Julia’s brother gives Colt her journal and now he has to read everything she was feeling and thinking when she was alive and all of the things she had left unsaid between the two of them. I would be a emotional wreck but so pissed at the same time and those are two messy emotions when added together are even worse and I would not want to be dealing with that.

Well….that was only 5 and I cannot think of anymore worlds I wouldn’t want to live in or characters I wouldn’t want to trade places with. I know there’s so many more books I could use as examples if I had read them, but since I haven’t I don’t feel like I should include them. So instead, I am going to finish this list with 5 worlds I’d want to live in or character’s I’d want to trade places with. Add a little positive in with the negative and it would bother me if I didn’t have an actual top ten list in some form.

6.) Very cliched but a world I’d love to live in (although it is our world just with some fictional characters) is Twilight. I read the first three books in the series years ago, never finished the fourth, but I would have killed to be Bella. I didn’t care about all the problems she faced with being in love with a vampire and having a werewolf being in love with her. Edward was the description of the perfect guy, well besides for the fact that he was undead..but I fell in love with a fictional character and I am so embarrassed to even admit that but hey whatever it’s true.

7.) I’d love, love, love to trade places with Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy. I loved those books and although parts of them weren’t always happy and sometimes left me angry or depressed, I envied her summers at the beach house and her relationships with Jeremiah and Conrad. I loved how she got a chance with both boys to see which one worked out better, even if that is a little weird to date both of them since they are brothers. I just loved the books and the characters and would have loved for that to be my real story of my summers.

8.) I’m taking this whole “worlds” thing probably the wrong way, but whatever it’s my interpretation of it, but I’d love to live in these summer camp novel worlds. I love books where the character goes off to summer camp for the first time, heads back to summer camp, or like Five Summers, has a reunion at the summer camp she used to spend her summers at. I don’t know why I love these kind of books so much. Maybe because the bond between the friends are just so strong, and they’re always doing something fun that you would only associate with a summer camp. Plus the added summer flings or boy drama always makes the story better.

9.) My third unknown character that I am including in this list is Colby from Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel. I would love to trade places with her. She has to spend the summer in Greece with her aunt which she is not thrilled about, but Greece is the country I’d like to travel to the most. I think it is gorgeous and would be ecstatic to spend my summer there. Plus the cute local boy Yannis is a plus even if she doesn’t realize it right away. If I were in Colby’s place, I probably would never want to leave.

10.) This will be the most childish answer, but Wendy from Peter Pan, is the last character I’d like to trade places with. I don’t know what my obsession is with Peter Pan, but it has always been my favorite children’s story and my favorite Disney movie. I want to be able to fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, see the mermaids and even come face to face with Captain Hook, of course only if I am guaranteed to survive like Wendy did. The one question I still can’t answer is if I’d stay in Neverland and never grow up or if I’d get tired of that after a while and go back home.

So that is my Top Ten Tuesday list for today. I am kind of annoyed at myself that I don’t have a full list of ten worlds I wouldn’t want to live in or characters I’d want to trade places with, but I haven’t always been a really big reader when it came to the dystopian books or depressing books where something bad happens. I usually stick to my girly books usually involving drama and romance. I do have some dark, dystopian books on my to read list as well as a few YA thrillers so maybe at the end of February when it is choose your own Top Ten Tuesday, I will redo this topic with a whole list instead of just a half a list.


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