I Finally Made It to the Book Swap !

So after two days of trying to get over to a local shop where you can swap your older, gently used books for other used books, I finally sent a email Saturday night after going and seeing that they were closed again when they were supposed to be open. Due to the crazy weather the north east has been getting, they have had some issues with the water mains and heating so their hours were different. Well I thought..nice to know that now. So on Sunday, I took a backpack filled with books over and they were open. It was a lot smaller than I had expected and they didn’t carry as many used teen/YA adult novels as I had hoped, but I traded in 33 books of mine and in exchange I got 8 used books, and 1 new book. I still have credit for the rest and am going to check the other location out this weekend and see if I can find anything else there. I have to say, all the books were in really good condition for being used  and a few were titles that are on my Amazon wishlist and I got them for a mere $2 which was an amazing deal. The one book I did buy new was 10% off since I traded books in and even though 10% isn’t much, it’s better than nothing. I am excited to read these books, but I have a lot more that are in line ahead of them including around 8 more ARCs that I really need to catch up on and get the reviews in. Overall, my experience at this book swap store was a 3 out of 5 only because of the issues I had getting there when it was actually open and because there wasn’t too much in there that interested me.


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