The Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner

Yay! I finally finished one of my first advanced reader copies that I received. Originally, I was going to choose The Summer of Letting Go as my Waiting on Wednesday post but thought that would be silly since I was planning on reading it. This was one of my most anticipated reads so far this year and I was not disappointed. Instead, The Summer of Letting Go went so far beyond my expectations when I finished reading it, and I was so into the story that it only took me around 4 hours total to read. I feel like if I don’t tell you what this book was about, I would continue to babble on and on about how amazing it was.

The Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner



Summer is about to begin and Francesca, “Frankie”, has no plans. Ever since her little brother Simon died four years ago when Frankie was supposed to be watching him, summer is just never the same. Now soon to be 16, Frankie’s grief is keeping her in the past. Frankie’s best friend Lisette is moving on though and with the boy Frankie loves, but obviously can’t have. With nothing else to do, she trails her neighbor across the street, who her father may be having an affair with, to their local country club to spy on her. When she’s there she meets Frankie Sky, a four year old boy who looks very much like her little brother and shares so many of the same characteristics as Simon. Frankie starts to wonder if it is possible that Frankie Sky is Simon, reincarnated. Over the course of the summer Frankie realizes that maybe it is possible to forgive herself, grow up and even fall in love whether or not Simon’s soul is really in Frankie’s body.

This is going to sound soo unprofessional, but OH MY GOD! This book seriously was so amazing. It had me laughing and it definitely had me crying more than once. I fell in love with most of the characters and the story was so original, beautifully written and unlike any other book I have ever read before. I even got a little depressed once I had finished it because I got so sucked in and then it was done. The only one thing that bothered me (and it is very, very minor) was that Frankie held back too much when people tried to help her and talk to her about why she was upset. It didn’t bother me a lot only because when I put myself in her place, I’d probably be the same way and not want to talk about it. Overall though, it was such an emotional and touching story of a teenager’s journey to overcome her guilt and forgive herself for such a tragic even that happened. No matter what genre you like or how old you are, I’d recommend this book to read. It is appropriate for everyone and so heart warming and touching.


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