Top Ten Tuesday 01/21/2014


Yes, I have decided to start doing “Top Ten Tuesday”. I figured since I won’t have a book review to post every day, this will ensure that I don’t get lazy and slack off and will help me keep up with my posts. Plus, after reading the future topics, I really like them and would like to share my answers on my blog.

Top Ten Things on My Reading List

1.) More dystopia novels like The Hunger Games and Monument 14. I feel like too many dystopia novels have zombies in some form in them. I like when the author gets creative and it’s different because I feel like the whole thought of something like that happening is more real. (Main example is the Monument 14 trilogy)

2.) More trilogies. This is vague but I enjoy reading books more when I know there is one or two more books to come after, but after 3 books, I feel like that is good enough and the series doesn’t need to be dragged out into 17 books *coughcough* Pretty Little Liars *coughcough*.

3.) Interesting YA novels that tie into historical events. I always enjoyed my history classes in school and would like to see more novels that have young adult main characters in them. When I was younger I loved the Dear America series where it was a young girl writing in a diary during important times in history.

4.) With that last post…I’d like to see more diary format books. I like reading books when it is formated like a diary. I feel less like I’m just reading a book written by the author and more like I am reading the personal thoughts and feelings of the characters.

5.) Two perspectives in each novel, meaning it is written in two different character perspectives. Anymore than two different characters telling the story though and I start getting confused and often have to look back to see whose perspective that chapter is in.

6.)  A book that has 2 or 3 parts to it. Two examples would the The Summer of Firsts and Lasts and Beach Blondes. Each part may focus on a different character, the before and after, or different months or years. I like these types of  books because I feel like I’m getting more out of them.

7.) A lead female character who isn’t boy crazy. The ones I can’t stand the most are the ones who are like, “I love this guy so much but he doesn’t love me back so I’ll date someone else to get over him” and then she thinks she does until her original love interest finally shows interest in her and the rest of the novel is “I don’t know what boy to pick, blah blah blah..”. If there’s a sequel you won’t catch me reading it.

8.) No more stupid decisions at the end of a book that makes you want to hurl it across the room because you’re just so annoyed thinking “why?!?!”. This mainly comes from my last book review Monument 14 Sky on Fire. I seriously cannot stand when characters make insanely stupid choices..if I could reach into the pages and smack them, I would.

9.) More books that test friends, or have new friendships. This is pretty vague like number 2, but I love stories about friendship and having the characters realize that your friends should come before a vast variety of things like boys and popularity. (Favorite two being Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen and Five Summers by Una LaMarche)

10.) Saved the best for last…more summer themed YA books! I am obsessed with summery novels. I love reading them in any season, and I will reread them over and over every year and love them even more afterwards. I don’t care if it’s a summer fling, a vacation gone wrong, whatever it is, I will buy it, read it, and 98% of the time love it.

So those are my top ten things on my reading list. I thought it would be hard to think of ten things, but as soon as I started typing and looking at my bookshelves, they all came to me pretty quickly. If you read my list and have any book suggestions that match my wishes, comment the title and author and I will be sure to check them out if I haven’t already.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 01/21/2014

  1. I really like the idea of more “interesting YA novels that tie into historical events.” Laurie Halse Anderson did an awesome job with this with the trilogy for Chains. I loved those books. Plus, Hansel and Gretel by…. crap, I can’t remember, but that was an awesome WWII example.

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