Monument 14 Sky On Fire by Emmy Laybourne

After reading the first book in the trilogy, Monument 14, I was so ecstatic when I finally received this in the mail and finished it in one sitting. That isn’t saying much though considering the book is only 215 pages long, which is about 80 pages shorter than the first. With that being said, Sky on Fire was just as much frightening and real as Monument 14 was. Sky on Fire picks up where Monument 14 left off. (I will try not to post any spoilers for those of you who haven’t read either book yet.)

Monument 14 Sky On Fire by Emmy Laybourne



After experiencing the end of the world as they know it in 2024, brothers Dean and Alex have split up to try and make it to Denver International Airport to be evacuated to safety. After knowing that the chemical weapon spill will turn himself, the girl of his dreams Astrid, and Chloe, the annoying third grader, into bloodthirsty monsters, Dean stays behind with the two of them and the twins in the superstore where they sought refuge for the past 12 days. Alex, Niko, Josie, and the rest of the children take the newly repaired bus out into what used to be the world they knew to try to make it to DIA, be evacuated, and have a rescue team go back to the Greenway to rescue the others. The world outside though is a lot worse than they had expected and the Greenway where Dean, Astrid and the 3 kids are staying in has already been breached once. Will they all be able to stay alive and be evacuated in time?

When I first started reading this book, I noticed it was written differently than the first and I liked it this way a lot better. Each chapter switched between Dean, in the Greenway, and Alex, on the bus. While Dean’s chapters were written in narrative thoughts (don’t know how you’d word it, but regular narrative (?)), Alex’s were in narrative as well but he was writing it down in a journal in case they don’t make it. I now had more than one pair of eyes looking into is the biggest natural disaster in the US ever, and it dragged me further into the book than Monument 14 had. Once I got further into the novel, I felt like there was more intense and shocking scenes. I often found myself trying to imagine what I would do if I was in any of their places, and even began to scare myself a little thinking what would happen if something like this ever happened in the future.

I loved this book up until the last two pages..literally. It would have been a great book if it just ended there and then there wouldn’t even need to be a third book. But of course you always have that one character who makes an insanely stupid decision which of course calls for a third book and leaves me doing this..


Not that I am complaining about Savage Drift, the third and what I have been assuming the final book, coming out this spring because I plan on pre-ordering it, but I could really do without the stupid choices made during those last two pages, even if they were for the right reasons.

Overall, this is one of my favorite books right now. I loved the way it written and the characters really have started growing on me that when they call each other family I feel like I am there with them considering them family as well. It’s a great YA dystopia novel, but definitely read Monument 14 first or you will be confused reading this and you won’t have any emotional connections to the characters. I only hope that in the third installment, they all get a happy ending because after witnessing and surviving through the things they saw and did, they certainly deserve that. Unfortunately we will all be stuck waiting until the spring to find out.


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